Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pre Debate Diatribe

Have been sitting here enjoying a nice Merlot, and listening to the pundits give us their pre debate littany of things each candidate must do to get the BIG W tonight. I really wish they would hire some average Americans as pundits, give us a platform on the nightly that is really going to happen.

Tonight, the debate is simple...John McCain loses unless he scores a KNOCKOUT PUNCH, and yes it is that simple.

I'm livid about the Al Austin news, and would love to see a question posed right out of the gate on his joke, and the race baiting that high up Republicans have been involved in these past few weeks since Palin came on the ticket.

As mentioned earlier today, I would also like the moderator to ask both candidates if they will vacate ALL OF GEORGE BUSH's signing statements on day one. Further, do not want to hear any of those cop out answers like, "I would review them." Real committments.

Anyway, we are about 45 minutes from the start, and looking forward to a good debate. My night would be made if John McCain implodes.

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