Friday, October 17, 2008

Open Question To Pro Life Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah Palin:

You are on the record as believing the rights of the unborn supercede those of the mother, even in the case of rape and incest. Today on the internet I came across one of the saddest stories I have ever read, and also the perfect example to cite in asking the question, "How can you say a victim of rape should have to give birth to the child created in rape?" A nine year old was impregnated when RAPED by her mother's boy friend. He has been convicted of rape, and faces the possiblity of life in prison. This innocent girl's mother has been convicted for failing to provide proper prenatal care for her daughter.

Nine year old should never be raped. Further, they should not be forced to bring a child into the world, especially not one concieved in rape. Tell me yes or no Mrs. Palin, is it your political and religious belief that a nine year old child who was raped should be denied an abortion?

Idaho Mother Gets 10-Year Sentence After Boyfriend Impregnates 9-Year-Old Daughter

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — An eastern Idaho woman whose boyfriend impregnated her 9-year-old daughter has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Isabel Chasarez, 27, must serve at least one year in prison before she is eligible for parole, 7th District Judge Brent Moss ordered Tuesday at the sentencing hearing.

Chasarez pleaded guilty in August to failing to provide proper prenatal care for her daughter.

Her 38-year-old boyfriend, Guadalupe Gutierrez-Juarez, pleaded guilty to rape in September. He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 28 and faces life in prison.

The girl became pregnant at age 9, sometime between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30 2007, authorities say, and gave birth in April.

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