Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Live Debate Post

Everyone has been briefed, the instructions have been delivered, and the debate IS ON!
(Taking a quick gulp of Scotch...) Thought I would get my first John McCain "friends"shot in ahead of schedule.

10 minutes until the live blog at

Betting that McCain gets the economy, middleclass and "My Friends" all in his opening sentence.

Bob just said hello, so HERE WE GO!

Wall Street...BAM, right to the ECONOMY.

McCain STILL CANNOT LOOK AT OBAMA...Americans are angry. Is blaming the whole economy problem on Fannie and Freddie, which is bull chit. He wants to buy up bad mortgages at full RETAIL...what about those of us who have been slammed that would get NOTHING in the short term out of such a plan.

Obama...right out with worse financial crisis siince Great Depression. Obama wants to help home owners, but in a different fashion.


McCain going after Obama via the Ohio Plumber. Promises him he will keep his taxes lowe. Joe needs to do some homework!

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