Monday, October 13, 2008

Levi Johnson (Of Palin Baby Fame) Speaks To AP

In breaking news, seems that Levi Johnson has spoken to the Associated Press against the recommendations of the McCain Campaign...on the surface, the big news is that this young man likes Barack Obama, states that the Senator seems like a nice guy....WHOOPS! This is NOT WHAT THE CAMPAIGN needs as they slide in the polls.

Once you get beyond that bombshell, your heart has to go out to this young man, and you have to ask yourselve's some serious guestions about Sarah and Todd Palin. Levi has dropped out of High School to work in the North Slope Oil Fields as he prepares to become a father. He will not be attending his senior year...WAIT A MINUTE. Sarah and Todd Palin are MILLIONAIRES! This young man is doing the right thing, is going to marry the Palin's daughter. You mean to tell me that they cannot find a way to cover things while Levi Johnson finishes High School?

Other interesting notes in the story...

1. Levi is expecting a boy.

2. We now know the name of two of his closest buddies...Ben Barber and Dane Wilson

3. Levi is an accomplished hunter.

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