Monday, October 13, 2008

Noose Man Story UPDATE

Trying to keep track of this story as it unfolds, was just at Noose Man's site which you can access at The Libertarian Paleo-Conservative and it seems he is both upset and surprised that he is getting threats. For the record, two wrongs do not make a right, and no one should make threats against this man. It's up to God and the Secret Service to see that he makes amends for what he has done. So that the whole sage is all in one place, here are his two latest posts on the Obama/Noose photograph, and how he created if that should make us feel any fact, it shows that his actions were deliberate, and well thought out. Also of note is the fact that this man admits it was Michelle Malkin's divisive rhetoric that drove his desire and actions.
and now the threats start towards me.
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Oh, Nice. Now the Fascists begin threatening me.

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The Secret Service is the least of your worries, pal. You better keep your children home from school.

Nice…. I wonder if the secret service or the FBI would like to see this, impersonating the President, that’s some seriously hardcore stupidity. I’d be worried, if I had kids.

…Luckily, I don’t.

Update: Yes. I am keeping it in the moderation Que, in case I need it.

About the picture that I created.

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For it is worth. Not that it matters at this point.

The images used to create the picture that I made are all available on the internet. I simply googled “Noose” on google images and took a picture of Obama and joined the two using Irfanview, and added the Words “The fucking solution”.

I made that photo a while ago, because of the race baiting on the left that was happening a while back. I never intended to post it to the Blog, ever. But I did because I wanted to mock the baiting of the left that was happening, after reading Michelle Malkin’s posting.

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