Monday, October 13, 2008

Noose Man Takes Down Post, Then DECLARES WAR

For those of you following he Hate Crime Blog Post that was put up by The Libertarian Paleo-Conservative and taken down earlier this evening, seems he has NOW DECLARED WAR!

Clearing the air on some stuff

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  1. I have never been, nor would I ever be, affiliated with Pajama’s Media.
  2. Say Anything is a Blog that I have a account at and sometimes post there. It does not belong to me.
  3. Everything that is posted at this Blog is the opinion of myself and myself ALONE. It does not reflect the opinions of my sponsors.
  4. Last time I checked, the first amendment was still on the books. So, I do have a right to express myself as I see fit.
  5. I will not be intimidated by Communist liberals nor Crybaby “politically correct” so-called Conservatives.

We’re at war folks, and I intend to fight this war until my dying breath. We’re at war against terrorists that want to destroy this country and everything it stands for and we are war against godless liberals who hate the very values and freedoms that this Nation was founded upon.

I will not submit to a “Political Correct” fascist agenda, which wishes to restrict my freedoms.

You have been warned.

If you came looking for the “Enough!” posting

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Well, it is gone. I’ll tell you why. The point of the posting was being lost and the post itself was becoming the story. Which I never wanted to happen.

The point is, I made the far left have a knee jerk reaction. I also gave them something to talk about.

Again, as I stated in the actual posting itself, I never, ever wished any harm come to Obama, at all. I was simply making a point and doing exactly what the left is doing to Sarah Palin.

That is all, nothing more to see, move along…

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