Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Editorial Changes at Washington Scandal

Going to make some changes here at Washington Scandal. First, after an extensive experiment with Adsense, we will be removing them from our blog today. Click through advertising might work for the Advertiser's, but it does not work for bloggers. As example, in October our earnings are barely over $5 despite traffic flow of over 10,000 coming to our little home here on the World Wide Web. From a personal perspective, think it is time that Bloggers actually start getting paid for our words, and no advertisers are better than advertisers who are getting a FREE RIDE. We are willing to place advertisers on our side bar with prepaid banner ads only effective immediately. Contact Royce Penstinger if you would be interested in a banner ad here on Washington Scandal.

Please bear with us as we spruce the space up, and change some of our layout.

Royce Penstinger

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