Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post Debate Wrap Up

Perhaps because of the racially tinged events of the past few days, I am more than a bit jaded, and no longer have no respect for McCain, and even less for the Republicans who have not been quick to rebuke hate speech. As examples, the Al Austin email that sent out a assassination joke that kills both Michelle and Barack. Where is McCain is rebuking that joke and its sender...especially considering Al Austin is a very high profile Republican operative? The second example of way out of bounds hate speech and racism is the Obama/Noose photograph that was placed up on the internet that the main media folks have avoided like the plague.

First, on Joe Plumber...first, Joe needs to do his homework, as he would not be better off in a John McCain presidency. McCain's tax cuts are identical to George bush's tax cuts that benefit the UBER RICH. Secondly, the Plumbers Union has endorsed Barack Obama for President. Surely they have reviewed borth candidates and their proposals better than Joe has.

Not sure how many paid attention to John McCain's facial expressions, his never ending sting of angry heaves and sighs throughout the debate. It was obvious that John McCain was having a hard time controlling his temper, and he came across as a very mean spirited and out of control candidate.

Watching the red and green lines on CNN, the debate was clearly won by Barack Obama in the eyes of those undecided voters. In early polling results on CNN, again the nodd goes clearly to Barack Obama, even though more Republicans watched the debtes than Democrats.

I thought Obama gave a strong, yet safe performance. That is all he had to do, as it was John McCain that needed to land a knockout blow, and he failed to deliber. In fact, I think that was the source of his anger tonight...he found out early on that he just could not lay a serous punch on the Obama.

Last note, and would love someone to verify this...after the debatge was over, I would sear I heard John McCain use the term Kid while shaking Obama's hand, as in "Nice job Kid." If that is true, that id disgusting on John McCain's part. Simply stated, Obama wins, and John McCain never came close to scoring a GAME CHANGER.


Jina said...

I really appreciate your post. I completely agree. I did not like McCain constantly interrupting Obama, snickling, body gestures and sarcasm. He was a bad attitude and would spread that negative energy all over the U.S. When answering his questions, he focused more on Obama rather than stating what he will do. Obama won all 3 debates, hands down! He brings forth great arguments and he is always calm, cool and collected. I think the moderator did a lousy job also. He allowed McCain to get the last word on every topic. All of his responses were personal attacks toward Obama.

Royce Penstinger said...

Hi Jina:

I completely agree. The anger that John McCain showed last night was scary...I would not want that kind of seething anger one finger away from the big red button.

By the way, I am officially calling the election in a post I just put up.