Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Into the Second Half of Debate!

John McCain is OUT OF CONTROL...are you hearing his heaving and sighing? that man is so ono the edge it is scary!

Obama's energy talking points are SCORING BIG TIME on both the red and green lines!


Onto Health Care....Obama personalizes it right out the door, while McCain heaves again off camera!

Obama speaks facts and intellect, John McCain fumes!

John records o line...walk in clinics...we have those for the POOR now, and they are INADEQUATE.

CAREFUL FOLKS...that $5000 is a red herring.

Is John McCain capable of a NEW THOUGHT! He talks JINGLES...Gold PLATED CADILLAC policy...give us a break.

Roe V Wade and the Supreme Court...litmus test question.

John McCain labeled himself a federalist...leaves it up to states.

Both men and women seem to like Obama's Roe V Wades answers based on the red and green lines.

Obama has been off the charts with both men and women in this question!


First, my own thought...take illegal aliens and their children out of our schools till they can speak English at Grade Level.

Obama...reform, and more early education. Recruit new teachers with higher about MORE RESPECT? Make college affordable.

Again, Obama off the charts with both men and women in the red/green line undecided voter poll.

McCain's solution...charter schools and other words, the same old Bush garbage that does not work.

Troops to Teachers and Teachers America...let us be honest...we do not pay our teachers into to make it worth while for most young adults to consider teaching as a profession.

This debate is OVER, and it is clear that Obama won it hands down! sorry McCain, but you really should pull up stakes in Pa. much like you did today in Wisconsin, and gracefully let the clock run out on Election have lost the elction, don't lose your reputation too.

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