Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OH GOD...McCain is Back on Town Hall Meetings GRIPE

Give us a break...McCain hits on Lewis! What about Al Austin? One of the most influential members of the GOP in Florida sent out a joke today about assassinating both Michele and Barack Obama!

McCain just brought up the campaign financing issue....OLD NEWS

OBAMA is scoring BIG! He did not really go NEGATIVE on this question, which he very well could have.

McCain again goes negative, and also uses sports! He is WHINING.

John McCain is losing it! He just sighed off camera.

John McCain just said he repediated everyone that has gotten out of line....LIAR What about Al Austin, what about the Noose/Obama internet posting?

AYAR's just came up!

OH GIVE ME A BREAK! John McCain, what about your own ties to Acorn?

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