Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did We Have a Terrorist Attack In America Today?

Just found on Fox News...Bomb goes off on hands of St. Louis man...the package was an incendiary device that exploded in the hands of a man that picked it up. The bomb was left in the parking lot of a office/residential building just down the street from a Ritz Carlton. Police are not commenting on why the bomb was left there. Seems to me there are only two reasons it was left there:

A) It was an attempted hit on the man who picked it up.

B) It was a terrorist attack inside the borders of the United States, albiet a poorly planned and executed one.

Seems to me, that the authorities owe us a bit more of an answer than they have given to us so far.
Package Left in Missouri Parking Spot Explodes in Driver's Hands

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ST. LOUIS — A packaged "incendiary device" exploded in a suburban St. Louis parking garage on Thursday, injuring the man who picked it up, rocking an office high-rise and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate.

The package was sitting near the 69-year-old man's assigned parking spot, but authorities wouldn't say whether he was the intended target. His injuries were not considered life-threatening, said Clayton Police Chief Thomas Byrne.

"He picked up a package sitting next to his car and it exploded," Byrne said, calling the package an "incendiary device" but not elaborating.

"We don't know who set it or why it was there," Byrne said.

The parking garage is shared by office and residential buildings. A Ritz-Carlton Hotel also sits nearby in Clayton, a busy, well-to-do suburb that is the seat of St. Louis County and home to many of the region's biggest law firms, financial offices and other white-collar businesses, as well as posh hotels and restaurants.

The explosion shortly after 11 a.m. rocked the high-rise building, witnesses said. Buildings were evacuated, leaving several hundred people to mingle for hours on a lawn. Full Story

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