Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Economy In Shabbles...America Will Buy Anything

Americans have a love affair with STUFF, useless worthless crap that we really do not need but will buy anyway. You want to know why our economy is in the toilet, just look around your own homes at THE STUFF you spent good money on that you did not need, and how much of THAT STUFF was paid for with a credit card that charges you 18-25 percent interest? Here is a perfect example of the crap that Americans will buy. Found the video on a soldier's web blog with that note that he really wants one of these.

For the person who thinks they are the only one with the Baby Wee Wee video, here is another one for their viewing a side note, I did read more than the one post on your site. Was not overly impressed.

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CJ said...

Two things you are dead wrong about here (since i'm the "Soldier blog" you got this from). 1) This product is NOT made or distributed in the US. 2) You have completely missed the sarcasm of my post. Perhaps you should read more than one of my blog postings!