Monday, October 13, 2008

The Noose Man, The Libertarian Paleo-Conservative Seriously Has No Clue

Was up late last night, as the Obama/Noose posting that I found and put up here on Washington Scandal really upset me. Slept in, and woke up an hour ago, and after pouring my morning coffee checked in on my blog...the traffic this story has generated is astounding, and is reassuring to know that people on both sides of the political slash are outraged, that people agree there are lines in the sand that should never be crossed. Sadly, The Libertarian Paleo-Conservative doesn't have a clue. I visited his site this morning hoping to perhaps find some sense of remorse from him, perhaps a public apology for what he'd posted in his anger and hate. Instead, he seems pleased that he made and that, from his perspective, they reported his side of the story correctly.

Wow I Actually made"

I Actually made"

The Libertarian Paleo-Conservative

Hey, at least they reported
the story correctly. I give them that.

Wow, make a little political
statement and mock the left and their race baiting and become the drive-by
media’s next big thing.

I liked being a unknown better

There is, from my perspective no side to his story. I will be the first to admit that I am sometimes not politically correct, that I purposely push that envelop in the hopes of getting a rise out of people, of making them think...that said, like yelling fire in a theatre, there are lines that we as a civilized society should not cross. Paleo Conservative did not just cross a line, he poured gasoline on it and lit the match.

There is no other symbol more representative than the noose for racism and bigotry other than perhaps the white sheets of the Klu Lkux Klan. The noose has a long sorrowful history in race relations that has intertwined itself into our American is impossible to believe that Paleo Conservative was unaware of that history. It has not been that long ago that Racial Segregation was a part of every day America. At 53 I grew up with it in small town America, watched the Equal Rights movement, saw American begin to address its own hatreds and change. Apparently we as a nation still have a long way to go in healing old wounds if the Paleo Conservative's of America think nothing of creating a picture of Obama with a noose beside him, see their own actions no differently than someone posting a picture of a Sarah Palin blow up doll. One example might be distasteful, even politically incorrect, but the other is hate mongering, deliberately created to incite anger and hate of another based on the color of their skin, designed to flame the passions of those who cling to their racist ways. There is a difference between Lampooning someone that makes herself an easy target (as does Sarah Palin), and using known symbols of hate and racism in making your political points and views known to a larger audience.


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