Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Second Trooper Gate Investigation GAINING TEETH! The Pit Bull With Lipstick About to Be Bitten?

Hold on to your seats folks...seems that the SECOND Troopergate investigation is taking on some real teeth, and that the Lipstick Pig (whoops...pitbull) could be in some serious DEEP TROUBLE. According to the Talking Points Memo, the investigation is BROADENING...did I just hear angels singing in the heavens? Next weeks Petumenos sit down with Sarah Palin could get VERY INTERESTING! Of course, being a betting man, am still betting that it will all be kept HUSH HUSH...at least until after John McCain loses the election. Can you imaging the fall from grace it will be if Sarah Palin is forced to resign as Governor or face IMPEACHMENT?

Second Trooper-Gate Probe Expanding

There's further evidence that the investigation into Trooper-Gate being conducted by the state Personnel Board could have real teeth.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that the probe has broadened to include other ethics complaints against Sarah Palin, and actions by other state employees.

That's according to the investigator hired by the board, Timothy Petumenos, who conveyed the information in two recent letters sent to an Anchorage attorney who had threatened a lawsuit over Palin's effort to waive confidentiality in the matter.

Petumenos, a Democrat with a reputation for aggressive prosecutions, plans to sit down with the governor, who is cooperating with his investigation, next week.

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