Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chicken Hawk John McCain Declares War On You Tube!

Mr. Uncomfortable!
We all know that John McCain is no dove. He is the man that wants to take us to war in Iran, the man who wants to leave our troops in Iraq for 100 years. Apparently, he could not wait to get to the White House to declare war on somebody, anybody as he has JUST GONE TO WAR WITH YOU TUBE! Seems he has his wife's panties in a knot over the fact that some of his You Tube propaganda (commercials) have been removed at the request of some news agencies...seems John McCain has been usurping their copyrights, but then he has been doing that with musicians on the Campaign trail for quite some time now. His first volley into the You Tubes camp was a scathing letter to Chad Hurley, chief executive of You Tube. My advice to Chad...have your attornies write John a nice letter offering to look into the issue right after the election...sort of a Todd and Sarah Palin Troopergate approach if you know what I mean.

McCain Fights for Right to Remix on YouTube

Internet issues have taken a back seat in the presidential campaign. But this week, even as John McCain unveiled his new economic plan, he also introduced a new position on copyright law.

Trevor Potter, the general counsel for the McCain-Palin campaign, sent a letter on Monday to Chad Hurley, the chief executive of YouTube, complaining that the video service, now owned by Google, has inappropriately removed McCain commercials from its site.

The commercials incorporated snippets of television news broadcasts. Using provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the news organizations demanded that the commercials be removed from YouTube because they violated the organizations’ copyrights. Full Article

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