Monday, October 13, 2008

Shaking Head...You Really Have To Wonder

We have all heard the stupid crook about STUPID Anti Terrorist Experts? Not sure this is a story I would have wanted in the news, let alone having it appear on the National Terrorist Alert web site. DUH...let's leave a highly valuable hand held computer with SENSITIVE information right out in the open, leave the window up and LEAVE THE ROOM!

Palmtop Computer Stolen From Open Window In M15 Hideout

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A burglar who climbed into the property in Greater Manchester on Sunday night got away with the terminal which contained highly sensitive information about national security.

The house was being rented by the national intelligence service but the device was encrypted, so a security breach is thought unlikely.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Shortly after 11.20pm police Sunday 28th September were called to a house in Greater Manchester, following reports of a burglary.

“An encrypted handheld computer was stolen. It is believed the offender entered through an open window. Inquiries are ongoing.”

He asked anyone who was offered the stolen property to hand it in to the nearest police station. Police sources told Times Online that it is believed to be an opportunistic rather than targeted burglary.

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