Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attention Red States-The McCain Bush Economy Is Killing NASCAR

If ever the red states needed a reason to vote AGAINST four more years of George Bush Economic policies, it comes in an article published exclusively on the Bloomberg News Services. Red State Citizens, NASCAR Dad's, racing fans throughout Rural America love racing, flock to NASCAR events all across America's Heartland...well, those events are all made possible, the Race for the NASCAR Championship a reality through corporate sponsorship. Sadly, as the horrific consequences of eight years of McCain supported Bush Economic policies grip our nation, as the failures of trickle down economics decimate our Middle Class, it seems that one of the biggest VICTIMS of George Bush, Cindy and John McCain trickle down economics could be NASCAR, America's number two sport behind only football! Say it isn't so Joe Six Pack America, but sadly it is. Bush's failed economic experiments, the Bush Administrations lies and deciet are finally killing NASCAR as corporate sponsorship shrivels up and dies on the vine. So tell me Joe six pack, tell me NASCAR Dad's and NASCAR Babes, do you really want four more years of a George W. Bush/John McCain Republican Economy? Is voting RED worth losing your Sunday NASCAR over?
Nascar Hits Wall as Financial Crisis Dents Sponsorships Demand

By Gene Laverty

Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Sponsors of Nascar, the No. 2 sport on U.S. television after professional football, are slamming on the brakes because of the world's financial crisis.

General Motors Corp., Chrysler Corp., Sears Holdings Corp. and Chevron Corp. will cut or drop sponsorships next season. Dario Franchitti, the 2007 Indianapolis 500 winner was forced out of the stock-car series by a lack of sponsors.

Teams with family names revered in stock-car racing like Petty, Waltrip and Earnhardt may enter 2009 with unfunded cars. The circuit might even have trouble filling 43-car fields.

``There's maybe 26 teams that have sponsorship for next year, and five or six that have partial,'' said Michael Waltrip, an owner and driver who shored up his finances by selling a stake to Fortress Investment Group LLC founder Robert Kauffman a year ago. Waltrip, 45, faces 2009 with only one of three cars fully sponsored. He said he might have to shut down one team.

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