Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Last Debate-McCain Has No Choice...Must Go For Knockout Punch

Washington Scandal will again be blogging live during tomorrow nights debate, as well as twittering. You can follow me on twitter @beltwayscandal or watch as my twitter and blog are updated real time here on Washington Scandal. I'd also suggest you turn into C-SPAN which has a fabulous pre-debate web cam. You might also want to twitter @thefix who writes for the Washington Post.

Tomorrow night will only be exciting if McCain trys to deliver a knockout blow, and lets face it, with dwindling poll numbers, and pundits giving Obama the win in the first two debates, John McCain has no choice but to GAMBLE BIG, try to get in close and deliver a devasting knock out blow to Senator Obama...baring that, this election is over. With this reality hanging in the air, with John McCain being a street brawler, the debate could be a wild ride...but don't hold your breath. With all the racial rhetoric at the McCain and Palin rallies this past week, John McCain could knock himself out trying to throw the Ayar's punch. America knows he is not the reformer, which leaves him the economy and his experience as his one two punch. Not powerful weapons with his performance of late, which could see him lose his temper, start flailing wildly at Senator Obama with verbal barbs, and if that happens, we will watch Senator John McCain self destruct on national TV.

Obama should play it safe, but I wish he wouldn't. He has a chance here to knock out McCain, run the deck in the General Election, and move into the White House with a true mandate from the citizens of America. Calm and steady is great, but a good boxer can beat his opponent with well deliver sharp jabs to the gut, until finally out of energy, out of ideas, John McCain will crumble, his presidential bid over as the pundits pick the meat from the carcass of his campaign.

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