Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's Give John McCain A Consulation Gift!

I can hear the fat lady singing, and rumor has it that Sarah Palin is anxious to get back to Alaska in time for Moose Hunting Season. With Senator McCain's back up against the wall, with the polls showing him ALL BUT OUT OF THIS RACE, thought it time we Democrats show him that we are graceful winners. To that end, I went out looking for an appropriate Consulation Gift for GrandPa McCain and found it at Lazy Boy's online store. Seems they have a Recliner that is PERFECT for John McCain called appropriately, the Buchanan Recliner! So, what do you think folks, should we start a fund raiser to present John McCain with this beautiful gift on Election Night 2008?

Buchanan Recliner

Style Number: 968
Product dimensions as shown:
Overall - Height: 44" Width: 39.5" Depth: 39"
Seat - Height: 21" Width: 21" Depth: 19"

A design that steals the scene. Impressively scaled and superbly cushioned for luxurious comfort. Embellished with a serpentine detailed front and intricately carved ball-and-claw feet that add visual impact.


Linda said...

And what shall we give Ms. Palin? hmmm.... I know!!

A subpoena!! ;)

Royce Penstinger said...

LOL...that sounds like a plan. I was thinking a leash and collar.

Anonymous said...

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