Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain spitting ANGER and Venom

John McCain is spitting ANGER....I really want to see him go over a cliff tonight.

Next Topic!

GREAT QUESTION....making both candidates defend their Vice Presidential choices.

Good answer from Obama...brings home Joe Biden's HEART.

John McCain on Sarah...a bunch of creap if you really study her record. I want Obama to GO AFTER HER. McCain calls her a breath of fresh air, meanwhile she was just found guilty of an Abuse of Power, and is still under investigation for it.

Obama just SCORED BIG....under McCain budget freeze, autistic children would suffer.

WOW...just in from twitter: sendchocolate I used to LIKE McCain. I did. But he sold his soul for this office. He is NOTHING now...just a shill who wants to die in the Oval Office

HERE IS A NEWS cannot build 45 Nuclear reactors right away.

Halfway home folks, and McCain's anger is spilling out of my television and onto the living room rug.

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