Monday, October 6, 2008

Are American Troops Dying in Afghanistan For Acceptable Dictatorship?

Maybe it is time to bring our troops home from both Afghanistan and Iraq. According to a leaked Diplomatic cable, it seems some think the war in Afghanistan is not winnable, and that the public should be prepared to accept the reality that the best course is installing and ACCEPTABLE DICTATOR. Is it just me, or is the United States crazy to sacrifice our soldiers just so an ACCEPTABLE DICTATOR can be put in power in Afghanistan?

Acceptable Dictator?

A coded French diplomatic cable leaked to a French newspaper quotes the British ambassador in Afghanistan as predicting that the NATO-led military campaign against the Taliban will fail. That was not all. The best solution for the country, the ambassador said, would be installing an "acceptable dictator," according to the newspaper.

"The current situation is bad, the security situation is getting worse, so is corruption, and the government has lost all trust," the British envoy, Sherard Cowper-Coles, was quoted as saying by the author of the cable, François Fitou, the French deputy ambassador to Kabul.

The two-page cable - which was sent to the Élysée Palace and the French Foreign Ministry on Sept. 2, and was leaked to the investigative and satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaîné, which printed excerpts in its Wednesday issue - said the NATO-led military presence was making it harder to stabilize the country.

"The presence of the coalition, in particular its military presence, is part of the problem, not part of its solution," Cowper-Coles was quoted as saying. "Foreign forces are the lifeline of a regime that would rapidly collapse without them. As such, they slow down and complicate a possible emergence from the crisis."

Within five to 10 years, the only "realistic" way to unite Afghanistan would be for it to be "governed by an acceptable dictator," the cable said, adding, "We should think of preparing our public opinion" for such an outcome. Rest of story here.

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