Saturday, October 11, 2008

Open Message To Senator's Obama and McCain

America Divided

As the mud slinging 2008 Presidential Election slugs its way toward the finish line, one sad disturbing fact is abundantly clear. America as a nation will be divided regardless of which candidate claims the Grand Prize, becomes the next President of the United States. With each passing hour, just when you think things cannot sink further into the fetid swamp of political accusations, the 2008 Presidential Campaign finds its way to another new low as each side slams the other with barbs meant to inflame passion and anger, intended to further divide and isolate the opposing sides into their guarded, and perhaps armed political camps.

A man at a McCain rally today was holding a monkey with an Obama sticker…the racial undertones and message could not be any clearer. John Lewis, perhaps rightfully, compared the McCain Campaign’s race baiting of the last week to one George Wallace of Alabama. John McCain was quick to claim insult, demanding an apology that was quick in arriving from the Obama Campaign, laced with its own venomous counter claims. It’s OK for Sarah Palin to paint Obama as a terrorist, but John Lewis’s charges leveled in the other direction go beyond the pale?

As this hate and anger spreads across America like some contagious disease, we seem to be distracted from a basic reality…we as a nation are on the verge of death. Our once proud democracy, our home of the free and the brave is in intensive care. George W. Bush and Secretary Paulson, two inept surgeons are preparing to do surgery on our economic machine, now laying inert, barely surviving, on life support. All our divergent views and morals will mean nothing if we cannot band together as One Nation under God to save the Red, White and Blue.

Do you really care about Roe VS Wade if you can no longer afford to feed your family? Is nation building in Iraq of any real importance if that war is bankrupting our nation? Does the color of another’s skin matter if you both are standing on a Bread Line hoping, praying for a bite to eat? Tell me what good your holier than thou superior moral beliefs are if you cannot feed your children, or keep a roof over your family’s head? Does it matter that the Supreme Court leans to the right or the left if most of America can no longer live the American Dream?

We are spiraling out of control, sliding down a slippery slope to becoming a Third World Nation, all the hopes and dreams of over 200 years tossed away because of our inability to put away our differences, angers and tempers long enough to save a nation that we all claim to love. Please America; wake up, if not for yourselves, then for your children and their children. Have we lost track of the old adage, “United we stand and divided we fall”? “My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty…” is being lost, torn apart at the seams because of partisan bickering. Do we all want to collectively wake up one day and have to tell our children that the United States of America used to be the Greatest Nation on Earth?

Biden was chastised by Republicans for suggesting paying higher taxes in a time of National crisis was patriotic. Look deep within your heart, set aside your anger and ask yourselves, “Is he right”? We won World War II because every American sacrificed for the greater good of our nation. When and where did we lose sight of John F. Kennedy’s immortal words of challenge, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”? We are in a time of National Crisis and how we face it will determine the future of our nation. Divided into separate camps tossing venom filled words into the opponents camp is a sure fire way of killing the greatest country in the world. Only through setting aside our differences, only in joining together as one can we face the trials and tribulations that lay ahead; only as one United States can we save America, the home of the free and the brave. When you go into that voting booth on Election Day, I would ask each of you to set aside your own agenda’s, prejudice and political views, and instead ask yourselves, “What is best for America in this, our hour of need?”

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