Thursday, October 9, 2008

Taking Gloves Off...Senator McCain Is A Ass Turd

Just saw the McCain Campaign's latest sleaze, and it is official...he has crossed the line, and this blog is taking the gloves off. Mr. McCain, you sir are an ASS TURD who does not deserve to serve in the Senate, let alone be president of the United States of America. We do not need the stench that you and Cindy McCain would bring to the White House. You and your staff have gone far beyond Campaign Mud Slinging, and are now trying to set race relations back decades because you and your Lily White Bread wife are closet BIGOTS. Even worse, for anyone that bothers to do a cursory search, you and Cindy McCain are ooze infested, snarky slugs masquerading as decent Americans.

Let's get to the bottom of your wife's DRUG ADDICTION...she does not deserve our sympathy, but our scorn. She stole drugs from a charity, and transported them across international borders on numerous times...CAN WE SAY FELONY BEHAVIOR. That revenge minded cunt deserves to be in prison, not on National Television questioning Barrack Obama's qualifications and honor. Her own father is a FOUR TIME convicted FELON with known MOB CONNECTIONS, but she wants to pretend she's such an upstanding citizen? You are the company you keep right? Well, she spent her life communing with, breaking bread with a convicted felon, which might explain her own drug smuggling career! How about coming clean Senator McCain and letting America know what strings you pulled within the DEA to get her FELONY CHARGES DROPPED!

You want to cry foul because people have brought up the Keating Five again...let us get far more present. Your son Andrew McCain was on the board of a FAILED NEVADA bank until this summer, conveniently resigning just days before it went belly up. Care to share with us what strings you have pulled to keep that news fairly quiet during the campaign? As they say, like father, like son.

So you were a prisoner of war in, as Paul Harvey would say, "Now for the rest of the story". If it were not for your father and grand father the admirals, you would have been BOOTED OUT OF THE NAVY. You graduated next to last in your class. You crashed FOUR PLANES, and had one shot down. You constantly disobeyed orders, and violated the Military Code with your incessant drinking and womanizing. Your way of paying back your own debt of gratitude to your first wife who waited for you...affair after affair ending (or has it) when you started banging a hot young rich spoiled rotten slut in Cindy McCain with whom you carried on sexual relationships with even while living with your first wife...that makes you a MALE WHORE you dick cheesed sleaze!

You are a arrogant, ignorant, hostile punk that cannot control his temper...that's not me speaking, that is your own colleagues in the Senate saying that. Your immature high school bully like tirades ARE FAMOUS in the Hallowed Halls up on the Hill. You claim the tag of Maverick when in fact you are a to share with America why you GREEN WASHED your own financial holdings before announcing this latest Presidential Run? Care to share with people how much lobbying is done in Washington through your wife's connections? Care to share with America how you have never asked for an earmark because you have your cronies ASK FOR THEM FOR YOU, voting in favor of theirs for slipping yours into bills in the middle of the night! You say you are against Earmarks, yet you voted for over $100 Billion dollars in earmarks when you voted for the BAILOUT BILL...a Maverick would have JUST SAID NO if he truly were so opposed to earmarks!

You and your campaign want the gloves off Mr. McCain...well bring it on you half crippled piece of dog shit! Let's me and you debate right here on the floor of the Washington Scandal for all to see. Show me you have a REAL SET OF BALLS by coming to this blog in my comments section and having as they say, a MAN TO MAN discussion. Show America how good you are in a Town Hall setting, lets have a unmoderated TOWN HALL Meeting right here in the Blogosphere...OH, I forgot, you are not computer savy you doddering old piece of dung!

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