Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Every One Who Supports Our Troops...Give Chick Edwards a CALL!

A member of our Armed Forces needs your help! Read the below article, then reach out and give Chick Edwards at (509) 582-5679 32220 S Oak St, Kennewick, WA 99337 a piece of your mind! Find myself wondering if Chick's picture is in the dictionary under venomous, vile, dung beetle, or fetid swine urine!

Kennewick reservist faces threats over landscaping

Lt. Burke Jensen was called five months ago to serve his country in Kuwait. Now he is being told to get an irrigation system and landscaping on his property as soon as possible or face legal action from the Oak Hill Country Estates Homeowners' Association.

Tri-City Herald

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KENNEWICK — Burke Jensen moved to Kennewick about a year ago, bought a nice house in the country south of the city and began to settle into a new job at Energy Northwest.

Then came the call five months ago to serve his country in Kuwait.

So Jensen, who says he is an involuntarily mobilized reservist, headed off, leaving behind a pregnant wife, a young son and a 2.5-acre lot with not a spot of landscaping.

Now, Lt. Jensen is being told to get an irrigation system and landscaping on his property as soon as possible or face legal action from the Oak Hill Country Estates Homeowners' Association.

"I really don't give a [expletive] where he is or what his problem is," said Chick Edwards, owner and developer of the 47-lot subdivision at the south end of Oak Street in Kennewick.

"It doesn't matter to me," said Edwards, who insists Jensen has violated terms of the homeowners-association covenants requiring that landscaping be completed within one year after an occupancy permit is issued for a home.

"[Jensen] doesn't have the right to walk away from his obligation," said Edwards, who as the developer is the only member of the homeowners association. "I have most of the property still, so I am the homeowners association," he said.

Jensen's situation is complicated by the fact his wife chose to return with her son to stay with family on the East Coast for the duration of her pregnancy, leaving the home unoccupied.

Jensen's attorney, Tony DeAlicante of Redmond, Ore., said Jensen had paid a landscaper thousands of dollars to design and install an irrigation system and hydroseed the large lot this summer.

But DeAlicante said it appears the landscaper may have abandoned the job with the irrigation system only partially completed and no seeding done.

DeAlicante said Jensen also would like to find a renter for his home, but Edwards said that would be a commercial use not allowed by the homeowners association.

"He's not going to rent it," said Edwards. He said an attorney who has reviewed the covenants agrees.


An e-mail on Friday from Jensen to DeAlicante, which was provided to the Herald, says several of Jensen's fellow employees at Energy Northwest are helping to clear the property of weeds and blow out sprinkler lines, if necessary, to make sure they will not freeze during the winter. It also says a neighbor used a tractor to mow weeds.

Rick Miller, whose home is in sight of Jensen's, said he's sympathetic to Jensen's situation. "Given the circumstances, it doesn't bother me," he said. "He can't control the circumstances."

DeAlicante said he has written Edwards to tell him the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act prevents any civil legal action from being taken against someone on active military duty overseas. He also maintains Edwards cannot legally prevent Jensen from renting his property.

But Edwards said he isn't backing down.

"This is a contract. I don't like the way his property looks. This clown gets to do what he wants, and I'm as mad as hell," he said.


Anonymous said...

What an incredibly jerk. I hope other business in that area somehow work against him and people don't patronize whatever business that ah is running.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check your facts before perpetuating the lies and half-truths reported in the Tri-City Herald. This is a newspaper struggling with huge losses in readership and it seems their reporters will do just about anything to hook new readers.

Fact: There was never a lawsuit. There was never even a threat of lawsuit. What did happen was a letter was set to ALL homeowners in the association who had not met the covenants they had signed at closing. The Jensens were never singled out.

Fact: The condition of the Jensen's yard went way, way beyond just not doing the landscaping. Their yard was never mowed (orchard grass was present when they moved in.) Their yard was never watered. And when the above letter was sent, their yard was full of trash. Despite Mr. Miller's claim to the contrary, many of us in the neighborhood were appalled at the condition and did complain to Mr. Edwards.

Fact: The covenants for this association are not onerous. 12 months after closing were given for putting in landscaping. 12 months!

Fact: Mr. Jensen is not even in Kuwait. He is taking classes over in Seattle and comes home on the weekends. We've heard that he goes overseas in November. Which means, from the time he purchased the home in June of 2007 til now, he has had 15 months of NON-DEPLOYED time to finish what he and his wife agreed to. He is a reservist, not full time military. I don't get how being military absolved anyone of taking care of responsibilities on the homefront.

Fact: Mr. Edwards has never even met the Jensens. Not for lack of trying, to be sure. He tried to reach them at their home and by phone many times. Many in the neighborhood suspected that they were avoiding him and simply refused to answer the door. And then they just disappeared. Noone knew their whereabouts and the home appeared to be abandoned. If he had known the issues the Jensens were having with their fraudulent contractor, he would have been the first to step in and help, as he has done with other neighbors who have had issues with getting things done.

While I certainly think Mr. Edwards has a potty mouth and needs some anger management lessons, he absolutely does not deserve the vilification and crucifying of character he has received all over the press and internet.

Anonymous said...

Here is a place to leave a message for the Dick:

ValleyWatch said...

FACT: You are Chick or a friend of Chick. Thanks for your input but regardless of what you tell us you still cant explain away Chick's quotes to the media.

He brought this on himself, noble of you to defend him but why waste your time.

Anonymous said...

So if he's not living there, the trash must be blowing over from YOUR house, right?

Nice try Chicken boy. There's nothing you can say or do to excuse your language in the press.

Ted said...

This guys needs to be put out of business and shunned by the good people of the community. I'm not buying the excuses. If Chick had an ounce of character he would not have responded the way he did. Shame on the selfish people in the community who couldn't take even 5 minutes to try and figure out what was wrong let alone help someone who is sacrificing for their greedy, cold, and bitter hearts. This makes me ashamed to be an American. Shame on you Chick and shame on those in the community who would rather hurt than help.

Anonymous said...

OK, "anonymous", care to give your name? Or are you really Chick Edwards pretending to have a supporter? You know too much about Mr. Edwards actions and efforts to simply be one of the neighbors. If, as you claim, the Jensens were never singled out, then why go on about them specificially with such incredible language? None of the "facts" you list can possibly repudiate your own quotes that show you for the asshole you are. I hope your business fails miserably.

Marty said...

I do believe that you should be thankful for your freedom. Your comments were unjustified. They were rude and disrespectful, not only to the Mr. Jensen, but to those of us in the U.S. that cherish our freedom and honor those willing freely to provide it. I read the complaints and I read your "neighbors" defense for you. Sorry, but you need to swallow some of your power trip and SHUT-UP!!!

Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the shirt that says "Expletive you Chick Edwards! I support our troops!!" All proceeds should go to the troops and/or families of the troops.

Ru said...

let him know how you feel, if you'd like to reach him at home simply use the contact info below:

According to Google Phonebook, Chick Edwards has two listings:
Chick Edwards (509) 582-5679 32220 S Oak St,Kennewick, WA 99337

Chick Edwards (541) 566-2992 Weston, OR 97886

or send an email through his website:

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