Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama Wins Among Independents In Squeaker

In the Ohio undecided group, Obama won the debate in a squaker 12-10. Not what McCain needed to hear, nor what he had to accomplish. To climb back into this race, he had to win, and win BIG...he did not accomplish that task.

Some of my own reactions...feel both candidates are IGNORANT when it comes to the issue of Nuclear Energy, or deliberately lying to the American People. The fact is, GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Program) which is the reprocessing McCain is touting is unproven technology with some fundamental flaws, including the very real fact that the 400 new reactors BOTH CANDIDATES would have us build would not be capable of using the energy it would reprocess. Secondly, GNEP makes the USA the waste repository for the entire world's nuclear waste. Nuclear Energy in 50 years has not disposed of ONE OUNCE of their reactor wastes, Yucca Mountain will not work as a long term storage solution, and our aging fleet of 104 reactors are unsafe. They are pushing nuclear because it comes with a $1.5-$5 trillion dollar bailout of the industry because the military WANTS it, and it is us the American Taxpayer that will have to PAY THAT TAB in addition to our monthly utility bills. For that kind of money, we can put solar panels and/or small wind on every house in America, lower our utility rates, and free up BASE LOAD for industrial purposes.

Where was the topic of illegal aliens? They have depressed our wages by over $230 billion dollars on a yearly basis, and have stolen over 10 million AMERICAN JOBS. Where was the question?

John McCain's "No On Job Training Moment...that was not recieved well."

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