Monday, October 6, 2008

STock Market Crashing and Burning...Ali Velshi Says Stay Calm

At the beginning of this year, even with the mortgage crisis that cost us almost every penny of the equity we had in our home, my wife and I were thinking our NEST EGG in the form of our retirement account coupled with Social Security would see us still be able to retire right around the age of 60, maybe worse case scenario 62.

Between Friday after the bailout vote, and today we have watched the Dow Jones PLUMMET to new lows not seen since BEFORE GEORGE W. BUSH took office, have watched our own investments shrivel up and die. I am angry, bitter, even freaked out, and want REAL ANSWERS to, "What the hell is going on?"

Instead of answers I have to listen to CNN, FOX and other news agencies giving air time to Sarah Palin's drivel about William Dyer! FUCK WILLIAM DYER, FUCK SARAH PALIN, and GIVE US SOME REAL NEWS! This is a national if not global crisis unlike any we have ever seen before. Ali Velshi telling us NOT TO PANICK, telling us we may be seeing the beginning of the bottom from where we can start REBUILDING FROM! Give us a break! Many of us my age (am almost 53) have worked for ALMOST 40 years, have done everything we were told we needed to do so that we could enjoy our GOLDEN YEARS, and it is now all BUT GONE, and you tell us we CAN START REBUILDING?

Why isn't Middle American out in the streets? Why aren't there 1, 2 even three million Americans MARCHING ON WASHINGTON, DC? We want the bailout bill OVER TURNED, we want the LOBBYISTS IMPRISONED, we want corrupt politicians prosecuted and imprisoned. We want our news shows to dump the GOD DAMNED TALKING HEADS, and get back to the job of DELIVERING THE NEWS, unfiltered and unbiased! We don't want to hear Sarah Palin's BULL SHIT DRIVEL, do not want to see your computerized electorial map, do not want to hear about your poll of polls! We want REAL NEWS, WANT REAL TRUTH.

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