Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are not "your Joe Six Pack", Ms Palin. We are Americans.

This is an article shared with me from one of the people I routinely follow over on Twitter by the twitter name of Dantcer, and I thank her for allowing Washington Scandal the priviledge of sharing it with our readers:

We are not "your Joe Six Pack", Ms Palin. We are Americans.

We don't sit around in our underwear, drinking cheap beer, eating chips from a bag under the sofa cushion, scratching ourselves while practicing how to burp words.

How utterly offensive, and crass to lump and assume Americans without money or status
are just that. How offensive to talk to Americans like they are beneath you. Get off
that Pedestal, Ms Palin so you don't have to look down on us to see us.

If you think that lumping Americans into a perceived halfwit stereotype, with six dogs under a porch, washing machine under a carport, a ripped out bench car seat as a sofa, and an old RV as our master bedroom, is winning you and your running mate any points, you are the one out of touch.

So just who are these, where are these "Joe Sixpacks that you are referring to?

Are you assuming that those in subsidized housing, living on disability or receiving
some sort of living assistance waste their time, lives and what little bit of money they may have, live like this? What about those that work hard every day, struggling to make ends meet, only hoping that college will be available when their children graduate high school. Do you instead, think we want our country to thrive so we can have more BEER money?

I don't talk politics usually, because there's a reason there's a curtain on a voting
booth. It's my choice and it's my PRIVATE choice for voting the way I do. I made an exception for you. Because you came after me first.

There's not enough lipstick to dress up your obnoxious reference to Americans and there's no way you can excuse such a remark by tricking it out in political stutterings and run on sentences.

We are AMERICANS. We can vote. We are articulate, we can spell and we can put words
together to make coherent sentences. Who are you talking to when you say this? Not me. And I'm one of the voting Americans you should be talking to.

We have children fighting a war that you would be next in line as Commander In Chief.
You would have our nuclear codes. Why would we want someone who thinks of Americans as unworthy to be addressed respectfully, in a position to either protect us or do us harm. Especially with such name calling.

Yes, you are calling Americans a name every time you utter that offensive phrase. If
you've done as much reading as you proclaim to have done, perhaps you should consider
reading the exact definitive meaning of this phrase:

"Similar terms for the common family can be Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public, Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Citizen, or Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer

Roughly equivalent, but more pejorative, are the names Joe Six-pack, Joe Blow, and Joe Schmoe, implying a lower-class citizen"

I am not "your" lower class citizen. I'm a registered voting citizen.

You owe us an apology.

Dantcer aka Linda --------------
---------------, Virginia

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Linda said...

Thanks for reposting this. If Ms. Palin has actually read the "everything" she claims, perhaps she needs to re-read what "joe sixpack" refers to.