Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Under One Hour Till Debate...Questions I Would Like To See Answered

1. Wall Street and Washington DC corruption have all but crippled our economy, special interest lobbying and greed having almost destroying the Middle Class. As President, are you willing on your first day in office to close down K Street, and chase the special interest/corporate lobbyists out of town? If yes, how would you go about it, and if not, you have just lost my vote.

2. The National Chamber of Commerce in the name of corporate profits have been protecting illegal aliens for decades in the name of cheap wages. As President, are you willing in your first 100 days ready to A) Close and secure our Southern Border with Mexico, our airports and other entry points, B) Criminalize the hiring and/or aiding and abetting of illegal aliens working in America with a mandatory prison sentence, C)authorize raids at both homes and work places to deport those working here illegally, and D) put a five year moratorium on work visas for people from foreign countries seeking work in America? If you are prepared to take these steps, how would you go about implementing them? If you are not willing to implement these steps, you have just lost my vote.

3. For decades the Federal Government has stolen our Social Security funds, leaving a worthless IOU in their place. Are you willing to take IMMEDIATE measures to repay those funds with interest to SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY for us 75 million Baby Boomers who have been paying into the system now for 30-40 years so that our retirement years are protected?

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