Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin's Upstart Maverick Image Paid For With State Tax Funds!

With every turn of the page, the Palin story gets nastier and nastier. Before she was even minted as Senator McCain's running mate we had Troopergate...we are all waiting anxiously for the REAL REPORT on this mess, while giggling at the McCain Campaign Report that pronounced her innocent of all charges. Next we had the press bombshell that her teenage daughter was pregnant out of wedlock...this would not have raised eyebrows if it were not for Sarah Palin's extremely radical conservatives views and values. Next we have the rest of the Troopergate Story...turns out that Sarah Palin replaced Walt Monegan with one Kenai Police Chief Charles Kopp who's past includes a charge of SEXUAL HARRASSMENT! Talk about a serious question of judgement...John Cyr of the Troopers Union would say, “She didn’t understand how important it is to truly vet anyone who would be in a position of that authority,” This remark takes on some alarming tones when you realize Sarah Palin would be one step away from the Presidency...maybe less, as I would not put it past Palin to take whatever steps were necessary to ascend to the throne.

We all know of Sarah's problems with the media, have had many laughs at her guffaws thanks to Saturday Night Live skits that are becoming a staple of our daily lives in the past month. Let us forget that she can see Russia!...though, that claim has sense been disproved since Sarah Palin never actually visited the one remote location in Alaska from which you can actually see Russia. A small lie, but a lie none the less.

We reported here last night that a second investigation which we have named Per Diem Gate is underway, and that the Palin's may actually OWE back takes on her Per Diem payments. Still having trouble understanding how Alaska can let their governor bill the state $17,000 in Per Diem so that she can STAY AT HOME ALL DAY, rather than driving the one hour each day into work...hell of a deal if you can get it. This Per Diem issues is even odder when you realize the state of Alaska operates and maintains a perfectly beautiful Governor's Mansion for Sarah Palin that she chooses NOT TO STAY IN most of the time.

Sarah Palin must LOVE SHOES, because today another one is dropping. It seems that Sarah Palin's, "UPSTART MAVERICK" Governor image was not really her own, but was carefully crafted and designed by a PR FIRM. Further troubling, state tax dollars were used to pay this PR FIRM to craft Sarah Palin's image! Next question...who was this outside PR Firm, and were there SPECIAL FAVORS paid because said firm had special ties to the Palin family/clan.

PR consultant helped Palin grab spotlight

Expert pitched 'upstart governor' as a crusader against Big Oil

By Kimberly Kindy

updated 1:13 a.m. ET, Fri., Oct. 10, 2008

During her first months in office, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin kept a relatively light schedule on her workdays in Juneau, making ceremonial appearances at sports events and funerals, meeting with state lawmakers, and conducting interviews with Alaska magazines, radio stations and newspapers.

But this spring, Palin's official calendar chronicles an extraordinary rise to national prominence. A fresh face in Republican politics, she was discovered by the national news media at least in part because of a determined effort by a state agency to position her as an oil and gas expert who could tout Alaska's determined effort to construct a natural gas pipeline.

An outside public relations expert hired under a $31,000 contract with the state Department of Natural Resources pitched the "upstart governor" as a crusader against Big Oil, a story line that Palin has adopted in her campaign as Sen. John McCain's running mate. The contract was the only time the Palin administration hired an outside consultant to set up media interviews, a function performed in many states by government employees.

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