Tuesday, October 7, 2008

UPDATE...Palin Quiet While Supporter Calls Camera Man Uppity Negro!

Mudslinging or not, there are lines you do not cross, and if those lines are crossed by one of your supporters, you HAVE A DUTY to DENOUNCE THE BEHAVIOR...instead, Sarah Palin is silent on the story, and continues her RACE BAITING.

Palin Supporter Calls African American Sound Man An "Uppity Negro"

As I noted below, in his piece today about the abuse that Palin supporters heaped on reporters at a Florida rally yesterday, WaPo's Dana Milbank wrote that one supporter had hurled an unspecified racial epithet at an African American sound man before saying, "sit down, boy."

A reporter who was there tells me what that unspecified epithet was: "Uppity negro."

Late Update: I should have made it clearer that this happened at a rally where Palin was stoking anger by attacking Katie Couric and the "mainstream media."


Linda said...

Absolutely appalling!!!! How utterly SICK.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to anyone that Sarah Palin probably couldn't hear one person in a crowd of thousands make a statement. I seriously doubt she condones such remarks.

Also, asking questions about associations does not make someone a racist.

One additional note: I'm not in the tank for the Republicans. I'm a registered, card-carrying Libertarian and I can't stand this type of unfounded bashing from wither side.

Anonymous said...


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