Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight's Presidential Debate-Pre Game Thoughts

McCain's back is UP AGAINST THE WALL with all indicators showing a campaign taking on water in a Titanic like fashion, so look for John to be looking for chances to deliver a few staggering blows on Barrack. Problem is, the rules of the debate make it A) not really a debate as there are NO FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS by the audience or Tom Brokaw. Further, the audience member is not allowed to make comments on the answer recieved, nor will there be shots of the audience member's reaction to the answer he recieved. Further, I am guessing the questions will be pretty boring, standard fare questions that we always see in these moderated Town Hall type of events.

Obama has to be careful to hold his own...a tie is as good as a win for him, a win for Obama could be the final nail in McCain's campaign coffin. Every poll, both national and in battleground states shows Obama gaining steam and pulling ahead. In both Florida and Ohio (the two KEY battleground states) Obama is winning, and the news of John McCain wanting to pay for health care services by cutting Medicare by some $1.1 Trillion is NOT going to sit well with Florida voters...if Obama wins either of those states, the time has come for the fat lady to sing. You cannot win the White House when the opposing side is playing his game on your court.

Short of one of both candidates blowing right past the rules (unlikely), look for a faily tame night with one caveat...it is possible to see John McCain implode and lash out in anger.

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