Thursday, October 9, 2008

Under Title Of Who Cares...Immigration Raid Tears Town Apart

Don't mean to seem callous or insensitive here, but who cares if 330 CRIMINAL illegal aliens are broken hearted in South Carolina? Magdalana Domingo Ramirez Lopez was interviewed by the AP for the story below...she loved it here in America, felt at home in her neighborhood listening to Salsa music, and taking her three sons shopping at businesses catering to the large ILLEGAL ALIEN community in Greenville. She is here in America ILLEGALLY, is a CRIMINAL, as was her husband who was DEPORTED two years ago. She is worried that she might be deported. Here is a clue Magdalana...YOU SHOULD BE DEPORTED!

Apparently the AP feels OBLIGATED to present these criminals in the best light possible, since they took GREAT PAINS to avoid the use of the phrase, "Illegal Alien" even though 330 Illegal Aliens were apprehended in the raid. It's time to put America and Americans first, and that means it is time for 15-25 million illegal aliens and their children to return to their home lands.

Community Torn Apart By Immigration Raid

Fear, Uncertainty Follow Detention Of 330

Alleged Illegal Immigrants In South Carolina

(AP) When Magdalana Domingo Ramirez Lopez moved to this South Carolina city nearly two years ago to work at the chicken processing plant, she felt at home. (Notice the AP article fails in this first sentence to mention the fact that Magdalana is here ILLEGALLY?)

On weekends, the neighborhood near House of Raeford's plant was filled with the sounds of salsa music and the scents of Guatemalan cooking. (This is America, not Guatemala...perhaps if there were not so many ILLEGAL ALIENS in the community, it would not have reminded her so much of HOME?) She would shop with her three young sons at nearby businesses that catered to the immigrants - some in the country legally, others not.

While the sights and sounds reminded Lopez of her native Guatemala, she said she was happy living in the United States - a place that offered a better life for her family. (Did she feel any guilt at stealing an American job, at lowering American wages by working ILLEGALLY?)

But those hopes were shattered Tuesday when federal agents swooped into the plant, arresting 330 suspected illegal immigrants, six of them juveniles, effectively shutting down the factory and tearing apart the close-knit community. (BOO HOO, BOO HOO...hello, but you and 329 others broke American laws, are guilty of NO LESS THAN FOUR laws! You are lucky if they only deport you.)

Lopez was arrested and could be deported, as her husband was two years ago.

"My whole life has changed," she said as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I don't want to go back. My sons are better off here. The country is so poor. There's nothing there." (May seem cold hearted, but that IS NOT OUR FAULT, NOR OUR PROBLEM...go complain to your own government.)

In response to requests Wednesday for comment on the raid, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said only that those arrested were violating immigration law. Read rest of story here.

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