Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Debate Moves On...

They are still on follow up to the first question.

By the way, McCain used "My Friends" twice in his answer to first question...we are NOT your friends Mr. McCain.

Second Question...what in the Bailout is going to help average Americans? Uhhhh, can we say NOTHING?

McCain...he is back on his suspending of his campaign to RUSH back to Washington...some 15 hours later.

OUCH...he just TALKED DOWN TO US, saying we probably had never heard of Freddie and Fannie! He then hit on Obama getting donations, while failing to mention his own donations from these two evil monsters.

Obama talking directly to the person who asked the question. He is now hitting on McCain's history of being a DEREGULATOR! He Shoots, he SCORES.


Obama is confident on the Economy, but says we need new rules, 21st century regulations.

McCain...babbling, has not offered nothing NEW.

So far, have Obama up 3 to 1 on points.

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