Thursday, October 9, 2008

China Sticks Nose Into Nobel Peace Prize Award

Seems that China is opposed to one Hu Jia, an AIDS Activist recieving the Nobel Peace Prize this Friday. You see, the Chinese Government numbnuts do not see him as an activist, but as a JAILED DISSIDENT...his crime...keeping track of other activists unfairly and unjustly harrassed and hauled off by the thugs in China's repressive regime. Too HARSH? this is a nation that bulldozes entire communities, displaces millions on a whim, this is a nation that wrongfully rules over Tibet with an IRON FIST. This is a corrupt nation that ships TAINTED GOODS all over the world with disregard to human health and safety. Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang is a dick weed who should keep his pantied assed remarks and opinions to every turn on the road they off more proof of their human rights violations, give America just cause to revoke its Most Favored Nation Trading status. If George Bush were not such a ball less piss ant, he would order Secretary of State Condi Rice to issue a statement taking exception to Qin Gang's remarks, and interference.

Beijing Says Nobel Peace Prize Should Not Be Awarded to Chinese Human Rights Activist

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Anonymous said...

Do you know Hu Jia is receiving funding directly from NED (cough cough CIA cough) and is considered a foreign agent? You can find the details from NED website.