Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FED Quietly Funding SECOND Wall Street Bailout! WAKE UP Main Street

A story that should be GRABBING headlines seems to be getting little notice today. It seems that the Fed is creating and funding a SECOND WALL STREET BAILOUT by buying up massive amounts of Short Term paper! Short term paper is a 90 billion dollar a day business...just HOW MUCH OF THIS PAPER IS BEING BOUGHT, and are we on Main Street again FUNDING THIS BUYING SPREE? Wake up Main Street, it's time to get some answers on this breaking story.

Fed to buy massive amounts of short-term debts

From the Associated Press
6:38 AM PDT, October 7, 2008

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Reserve announced today a radical plan to buy massive amounts of short-term debts in a dramatic effort to break through a credit clog that is imperiling the economy.

The Federal Reserve will buy "commercial paper," a short-term financing mechanism that many companies rely on to finance their day-to-day operations, such as purchasing supplies or making payrolls.

The $99.4 billion daily market for this crucial financing, which relies on investors rather than banks, has virtually dried up. That has made it increasingly difficult and expensive for companies to raise money to fund their operations. Commercial paper is a way of borrowing money for short periods, typically ranging from overnight to less than a week.

The unstable situation has left many companies vulnerable. The notion under the plan is for the government to provide a "backstop" that would give companies a new place to get cash, the Fed said. The action makes the Fed a source of credit for nonfinancial businesses in addition to commercial banks and investment firms.

The Fed said it is creating a new entity to buy three-month unsecured and asset-backed commercial paper directly from eligible companies.

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