Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Less Than Three Hours Till The GREAT DEBATE! Live Blog With Washington Scandal

I really need a couple of other bloggers sitting here in my living room for this debate, all of us doing a LIVE BLOGGING Pre Debate show...wonder if Terry Bradshaw is available?

I am not looking for, but am hoping for some fireworks, would love seeing McCain blow a gasket on Prime Time television. Problem is, contrary to what everyone is trying to put out to the media, the format of this debate, I think, favors Obama as it is set up to keep John McCain from dominating the debate, from eating up the lion's share of the time...but we shall see.

One of the pundits on CNN suggested that both candidates and the moderator ignore the rules and have a REAL DEBATE...I agree! Let's unleash the dogs, and let them go at it for all of America to see. I'd be willing to bet money McCain would lose his composure in a WIDE OPEN, no holds barred debated.

The one thing I want Obama to change this evening...STOP SAYING McCain is RIGHT so many times! So folks, eat your dinners, prepare your DEBATE SNACKS, gather up your beverages and get ready for Washington Scandal's Debate live blogging!

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