Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Got Knocked Off.....

So far, think you have to give the nod to Barrack Obama!

John McCain just used MY FRIENDS again...hello, we are NOT YOUR FRIENDS. On McCain's when to use our troops...see new military manual on NATION BUILDING!

While I have a second...I give the Medical Question to Obama. John McCain is wanting to once again screw the middle class.

McCain just accused Obama of having no clue on use of military...said we do not have time for On the Job Trianing.

Obama is HITTING BACK! McCain wrong on invading Iraq, we were not greeted as liberators. War in Iraq HUGE strain on our budget! Which is true. Ten Billion a month on war in Iraq while we here at home are watching our nation's economy dying.

Obama Doctrine verse McCain Doctrine (BIG QUESTION)

Obama...Moral issues at stake even when not Security issues at stake. Great answer so far! Hits on Holocaust and Rowanda. Intervene where possible, while accepting that we cannot be every where! Darfur...where is our NO FLY ZONE? Good point.

McCain...Again, MY FRIENDS! Screw you McCain, you would NEVER be our REAL FRIEND here in the Middle Class. Beneficially intervene...as in National Building? Careful here folks, he is leading us down a SLIPPERY slope.

Pakistan Borders, and Osama Bin Laden...

Obama...you go after the terrorists. Send more troops to Afghanistan. Increase aid to them, but insist they go after terrorists. Obama will ACT.

McCain...walk softly and carry a BIG STICK...bully MENTALITY.

OBAMA just got in BOMB BOMB Iran!

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