Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are The McCain's Getting RICH Running For President

OK folks, lets all draw our own conclusions, or maybe some reporter at the Washington Post will pick this up and do the research that my limited resources do not allow me. I started pulling on a string this evening, and something is not right. What I am wondering is this, "Are certain Republican families (IE..Bush and McCain) getting VERY RICH being and running for President of the United States, collecting a commission on every piece of political propaganda (buttons, hats, shirts, yard signs) printed and distributed across the United States of America?

Want to start with which takes you to the GOP's National Party web site. For starters, if you ever wondered about four more years of George W. Bush, this should answer that question for you. On the top is a menu, and one of the button is labeled, "GOP Stuff". When you go to some of the links, it starts getting interesting, and might explain to you why I ask the question, "Are certain families and companies getting VERY RICH off of the propaganda/promotional materials used during an election?"

Clicking on Gop stuff, you'll find as one example which sells propaganda materials UNDER A LICENSE granted to them by John McCain's daugher Meghan who has been BLOGGING her father's election, supposedly because she is a socially concerned young woman. Her blog site is and you'll notice the similiarities between her blog's URL and the URL of the store. At the bottom of the store you will find the following:

©2007-2008 McCAINBLOGETTESTORE.COM is the officially licensed online store of McCain Blogette products
which receives a portion of all sales. is developed and operated
by Red Elephant Creations, an independent company licensed by McCain Blogette.

Two questions. First, just how much has this company paid Meghan McCain in the form of a License, and does she also share in the profits from any gear sold? Secondly, just what were her original thoughts on blogging, in light of the fact that this license was GRANTED clear back in 2007?

Go back to the GOP National Site, click on GOP Stuff again, and in the drop down menu you are invited to get McCain gear and campaign stuff, and you will find two different links:

This Store is operated by ELBusa Creations, an independent for-profit company. Proceeds fromsales of merchandise do not benefit McCain-Palin 2008 and should not be considered a campaign contribution.
Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved. and are operated by independent, for-profit companies. Proceeds from sales of merchandise do not benefit McCain-Palin 2008 and should not be considered campaign contributions.

Again, one has to ask A) Who was it that granted this sites the LICENSE to produce and sell said campaign materials, and B) Who is PROFITTING from the promotion and sale of these items, including such things as campaign YARD SIGNS and BUTTONS?

Again, return to the GOP National Web Site, pull down the GOP Stuff menu and you are offered the chance to purchase George W. Bush materials at this link:

As licensee for the last eight years to the George W. Bush Presidential Campaigns, and as the creator of the George W. Bush Store, Spalding Group has been fortunate to experience the tremendous popularity and respect that President Bush has attained. As President Bush enters his last year in office, we are receiving countless requests for new items that allow supporters to demonstrate their appreciation and admiration for our President.

As a result, Spalding Group is proud to present the first in a series of products that reflect our way of saying "Thank You" to President Bush. Check back often as we add new items throughout the year.

At the George W. Bush gear web site you will find the following link for Spalding Group: where you find the following message:

Don't leave your campaign's visual identity to chance. Spalding Group is dedicated to providing web, print & design services to exclusively Republican campaigns of all sizes throughout the USA.

I find all this RATHER ODD, and more than ODD, I find it almost unethical that a company WILL ONLY DO BUSINESS WITH that LEGAL IN AMERICA?

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