Monday, October 6, 2008

Senator John McCain's Butt Buddy, G. Gordon Liddy

So, Sarah Palin is out on the stump beating her Barrack Obama terrorists drum, while ignoring her running mates almost incestous ties to Right Wing Zealot and NUT JOB, convicted felon, G. Gordon Libby of Watergate Fame, that cost Richard Nixon his presidency. She wants to throw rocks like some spoiled wet diaper child, without realizing there are plenty of stones to throw back in John McCain's direction, and on numerous topics (Keating Five, Extra Marital Affair, his military carreer and insubordination) but let us focus in on his close friendship with G. Gordon Liddy, right wing whack job.

First, so there is no doubt that the two men are friends:

John McCain on Libby's radio program, "I'm proud of you, I'm proud of your family," and, "It's always a pleasure for me to come on your program, Gordon, and congratulations on your continued success and adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great."

Just to cement how close these to are, keep in mind that G. Gordon Liddy HOSTED a John McCain fund raiser at his house, and has made several $1,000 donations to John McCain over the years.

A G. Gordon Liddy quote expressing a mutual friendship, "… John McCain is a good, personal friend of mine, but I differ with him on this so-called campaign reform law. I don't care about the money part of it, but saying that people cannot organize and commit political speech 30-60 days before an election, I mean that is what the First Amendment is principally all about. That's backwards and the Supreme Court allowed that."

So, McCain and G. Gordon Liddy are far more than acquaintances, but instead are true CLOSE FRIENDS, political butt buddies if you will. Now, to understand just how vile G. Gordon Liddy is, how WHACKED his thinking is, lets let his own QUOTES speak for him.

G. Gordon Liddy on Vietnam War:

"I wanted to bomb the Red River dykes [sic]. It would have drowned half the country and starved the other half. There would have been no way the Viet Cong could have operated if we had the will-power to do that."..."The Seventh Infantry Division in 1945 used to drive their tanks around with the heads of defeated Japanese solders displayed proudly on the front. That's what we need to train our present-day soldiers to be."

G. Gordon Liddy on Branch Davidians (remember Wacco?):

"If the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms insists upon a firefight, give them a firefight. Just remember, they're wearing flak jackets and you're better off shooting for the head."

G. Gordon Liddy on HITLER (Remember the Holocaust?):

When he listened to Hitler on the radio, it "made me feel a strength inside I had never known before," he explains. "Hitler's sheer animal confidence and power of will [entranced me]. He sent an electric current through my body."..."Ecstatic, I drank in its colossal power and felt myself grow. Fear evaporated and in its place came a sense of personal might and power."..."at assemblies where the national anthem is played, I must suppress the urge to snap out my right arm."

G. Gordon Liddy on Environmentalism/Environmentalist:

"Environmentalism is a form of pagan fundamentalism. These green wackos are fanatics like al-Quaida. Just like them," ... "Osama believes there are 72 virgins waiting for him. The environmentalist believes human beings cause global warming. They both want to wreak havoc because of their mad beliefs. What's the difference?"..."Why should we listen to these fulminating feminists, proselytizing poofters, the environmentally ill, these multilateralist UN one-world government worshippers and other politically correct castrati?"

G. Gordon Liddy to school when questioned about his own children's penchant for starting fights:

"In the late 1930s French children were taught that philosophy while German kids were taught to be fierce in battle. Given the destruction of the numerically superior French armies by the Wehrmacht in about thirty days, I prefer the German approach. The school will just have to live with it."

Some Other Well Known Quotes of G. Gordon Liddy, John McCain's CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND, a man whom John McCain IS PROUD OF!

"Power exists to be used ... the first obligation of ... someone seeking power is to get himself elected."

"The deputies assumed that the movies were pornographic, and there was some competition for the assignment to move into binocular range to obtain further information ... [but] presently the lucky man returned to report in a tone of complete disgust, 'it ain't no dirty movie; You'll never guess what them hippies are watching. A waterfall'. " Talking about raid on Timothy Leary's home.

"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money."

"Increase the size of the United States armed forces, bring it up to about 2 million, all-volunteer, highly trained forces, the way they currently are. Emulate the Israelis, the way they handle guerrilla warfare, the Israelis are very good at it. Then, one by one, effect the regime change you told the American people and the world that you would do after September 11, 2001. Nobody expects you to do it simultaneously. If there's a question as to whether Iran will revolt on its own, you may want to leave it for last. Just keep picking them off, one by one." On dealing with the Middle East.

This is the KIND OF MAN that John McCain is PROUD TO CALL FRIEND, the kind of man that John McCain likes to break bread with. The kind of man that will follow John McCain into the White House, the kind of man that John McCain will nominate into a new position of authority in his Administration. Perhaps before Sarah Palin continues her rock throwing folly, she needs to go do some homework on the the friends her running mate keeps.


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