Monday, October 6, 2008

Let Alaskan Government Employees Know There is Better Choice Than McSame/Palin Ticket

Drop some of Sarah Palin’s fellow Alaskan Government Employees an email, let them know that we have a far better choice for America than the McCain/Palin ticket. Let them know you oppose another four more years of the Bush doctrine, that we do not want a McSame White House. For those wanting them, I have a LOT MORE of these email addresses. For the folks in the Secret Service and FBI that might want to accuse someone of HACKING Sarah Palin’s state web site, these email addresses are easily accessible by an anal retentive chimp tripping on LSD by visiting this public access and information link: As a side note…if you, the citizens are SO IN LOVE with Governor Sarah (Troopergate) Palin, most of America are more than willing to send her back sooner rather than later.

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