Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Racism, Hatred and Presidential Election

As we race towards the finish line Racism has again become a central point of discussion in this election. We can all easily point fingers at John McCain and Sarah Palin who have been trying to FOSTER hate, who have deligently fanned the fires of racism. Then we have David Gergen who last night suggested the race is not over because Obama is black. His statement stunned the nation, but sadly there is a truth to it none of us truly want to deal with, because it requires EVERYONE of every color and race to look within at their own prejudices towards others that are different than them.

I think we have come a long way in this country, but do not feel we have come far enough, a lot of the work to end racism needing to be done in non white communities, even though they may not want to admit it, admit their own RACISTS VIEWS and BELIEFS. I would agree that a lot of people will not vote for Obama because he is black, and that is wrong...problem is, why do they feel that way, and on some level do they have a right to their own resentments, anger and distrusts? Let's be honest...this race would be between Hilliary Clinton and John McCain if the black community had not voted overwhelming for Barrack Obama BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. If that same action had occurred among White voters, the race card would have instantly have been played.

As a Boomer, as a man 52 years of age, I have watched a lot of history unfold, and have some views that are in some ways at odds with each other. As example, I do not hate immigrants, and do not hate people of Latino descent...I do though HATE ILLEGAL ALIENS. The majority of illegal aliens are of Latino descent (statistics bear this out), and most of the Latino's that I come into contact within my own community are illegal aliens. Is my hatred of illegal aliens justified? Does that hatred of illegal aliens see me looking at my own local Latino community with jaundiced eyes? Could be, but does that make me a racist? I don't think so.

Some basic facts...Illegal aliens do depress the wages of lower and middle class Americans, and illegal aliens have stolen millions of jobs from Americans in industries such as construction, while also lowering the wage base for those who are still clinging to their jobs. Illegal aliens living 20-40 to a house in my own neighborhood, have lowered our property values, have degraded our communities, changed our communities in UNWELCOME WAYS. Sorry, this is America, and I do not APPRECIATE my neighbors flying their Mexican Flag instead of the American Flag. Their refusal to adapt to our American Way of life, to obey our laws have seen me personally pay a great price as my car has been hit three different times by unlicensed illegal aliens who have NO INSURANCE. Prejudice, the foundation stone of racism is a hatred based on no real set of facts or experiences...I have real facts, real life expereiences on which to base my hatred, I have from my own perspective justifiable reasons to hate illegal aliens. Does that make me a racist, or instead am I right to be angry, and ready to take actions that our government refuses to take? Let's be real here, why should I and my neighbors be forced to tolerate some of these actions because our local government, against the will of the majority has made our town a Sanctuary City because our local Chamber of Commerce embraces CHEAP WAGES.

Let us look at Affirmative Action...I've not gotten jobs because of it. In the 70's I was fine with that, but now almost 40 years later I find myself asking, "when is enough enough?" Should I have to continue suffering, should I have to lose a job I wanted because affirmative action gives a person of color BONUS POINTS in the process that often times sees a LESS QUALIFIED person getting a job I feel I was entitled to get, was denied because of the color of my skin. Therein is the rub...equal rights is not SUPERIOR RIGHTS, and giving someone ANY EDGE based on the color of their skin, gender, their sexual orientation or for any other reason is simply wrong.

I would venture to say, that many whites, especially those who are in the lower middle and lower class hold a certain grudge against the black community, because they feel blacks for too many decades now have been given an unfair advantage. Can you deny the feelings of these people, ignore them, or worse label them as racist for their true belief formed because of real life experiences they have had to endure. If you are someone that has lost a job, or a college scholorship because you were the wrong color, do you have a right to HATE? Should you be angry, or instead be forced because of federal laws to turn the other cheek after having been slapped?

Maybe the time has come to eliminate color and racism from our Nation by returning to a point where we are a Nation of Laws where every CITIZEN is entitled to fairness and justice. If you are here in America illegally, you broke the law, you are a criminal, and our government needs to deport you, no excuses, no free passes. It is time to eliminate all programs and laws that give one group an advantage over another, time to end an Affirmative Action mindset that penalizes White people because we have to check off that little box that says we are caucasian. Let's level the playing field by putting everyone under the SAME EXACT RULES that we all must abide by, no advantages, no special treatment.

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