Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can Your State Afford To Vote Red? Can Your State Afford To Back McCain?

There is an old adage, "To the victors go the spoils". There is much truth to that in these National Elections, with George Bush's Faith Based Initiatives perhaps the most stark example of it...George Bush steered more money into church coffers than perhaps any president of the United States ever has before after they played a pivotal role in putting him in the White House back in the year 2000. All the polls and indicators have most people beginning to predict an Obama win in November...which begs the question, can your state afford to vote red?

Let us not kid ourselves...though every one would deny it, blue states will have a far EASIER time getting help from Washington, DC if Senator Obama becomes President Obama, it is human nature. Conversely, Red states would have an easier time if John McCain were miraculously become our next president. Red states need to seriously look at the electorial map, and ask themselves..."Can we AFFORD to back a loser?" If they are honest, the answer is no, especially in these troubling times, when how well a state survives the recession/depression we are in might very well depend on large government projects that are, or are not awarded to their state.

There are advantages to being on the WINNING TEAM, and red states would be well advised to give great pause before jumping on the John McCain wagon, as they are likely to find themselves riding off into the sunset alone and forgotten.

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