Tuesday, October 7, 2008


OK, lets look at the tea leaves.

1. For 26 years John McCain wanted to DEREGULATE WALL STREET!

2. John McCain sided with George Bush, and wanted to put our Social Security into the Stock Market...you know, the stock market that is crashing and burning, the stock market that fell below 10,000 today!

3. John McCain has stated he wants to leave our troops in Iraq for 100 years.

4. Last week, John McCain said the fundamentals of the Economy were STRONG, before sending Sarah Palin into the Vice Presidential Debate to explain to us what he really meant when he said that.

5. This past weekend, John McCain sent Sarah Palin out as a lip sticked pitbull in a feeble attempt to convince Americans that Obama is a TERRORIST...that might work in her White Trailer Park Trash town of Wasilla, Alaska...trust me, if you saw the Wasilla spot on "The Daily Show", am not being demeaning here.

6. NOW, IN EARTH SHAKING BREAKING NEWS...John McCain has said he will pay for his health care plan by cutting $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS from Medicare! Screw those old people, we need them to die anyway!

And you are planning on voting for John McCain because? I am sure that this latest news from the McCain camp will set REALLY WELL down in Florida. Check out todays Wall Street Journal for more details on this story.

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