Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Second Presidential Debate is On...

Six Million questions submitted by voters via email, and maybe a small handful of less than 10 will be asked...perhaps in that is part of the problem here in America.

The rules are laid down, Tom Brokaw is seated, and the debate is UNDERWAY!

Town Hall Format

Candidates have been introduced to warm applause...no surprise.

BOOM...First Question goes right to the Economy, and Obama goes first.

Allen-Economy on downturn...what's fastest solution?

Obama...blah, blah, blah...we as Americans are worried, it is George W. Bush and John McCain's fault because of their trickle down economics. Bailout must work properly. (the undecided's are liking some of what he has to say...line up at top of chart) Heard nothing out of the ordinary, basic stump speech stuff.

McCain...first complements Obama, then tells us we are upset. Energy Independence is his answer, coupled with low taxes for everyone (including THE RICH). Package of reforms (LOL). Says we have to do something about home values...LIKE WHAT? Buying up all the bad mortgages is GREAT for those in foreclosure, but does not SOLVE THE PROBLEMS of people like me who have lost our equity through no fault of my own. He basically said nothing, gave empty promises that he knows how to FIX EVERYTHING.

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