Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh My GAWD...First Poll's In On CNN...McCain TRASHED!

Oh My GAWD...the first after debate polls just came across the wires on CNN, and Obama won HANDS DOWN...McCain did NOTHING to improve his image, his numbers staying static, and those polled give Obama the win by over 20 points!

I would love to be a fly on the wall at McCain Campaign headquarters right now as his staff realizes they BACKED THE WRONG HORSE, are sooner rather than later going to be OUT OF A JOB, realizing there is not going to be any Washington, DC assignment for all their hard work. BOO HOO, BOO HOO, BOO HOO

Is that the FAT LADY FROM ALASKA I hear singing? (wink, wink...)

The DEATH KNELL...Obama KILLS McCain with the voters when it comes to who can handle the economic mess better. Obama leads on the economy in the debate by WELL OVER 20 POINTS! Game over, send Sarah Packing back to Wasilla, and let John McCain go cry in his wife's beer.

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