Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Internet Question...What Sacrifices?

To restore American Dreams, what sacrifices:

John McCain...eliminate programs! Like $1.1 Trillion in Medicare? Eliminate earmarks...give us a break, they represent a minute PART OF FEDERAL BUDGET. His spending freeze will not work, especially when he excuses military spending from that freeze. McCain voted for BAILOUT...how many BILLIONS in earmarks were in that bill?

Obama...opportunity missed (Bush telling us to go out and shop.)

Exploration for more oil, clean coal technology.

I disagree with both candidates on Nuclear...that is a far bigger bailout than the $700 Billion we gave Wall Street.

Obama wants to double Peace Corp.

How would candidates break the bad habits?

Obama-start with Washington! Make Washington fiscally responsible to eliminate the belief there is FREE MONEY out there.

Wants to eliminate as example a $700,000 tax break for a corporate CEO.

McCain just made a joke...a poor one.

McCain is lying about Obama's tax plan. Don't believe McCain....he wants to follow in Bush footsteps, and give most of the tax breaks to the UBER RICH!

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