Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have You Bought Your Guns Yet?

Here is a clue folks...if you have not done so yet, it is strongly suggested that you bring some serious gun power into your home. Let's face facts, WE ARE IN A RECESSION, and we might be sliding into a DEPRESSION. Like it or not, in hard economic times as people get desparate, the crime rate goes up, and usually in the poorest communities. Those poor communities usually have under manned Police Departments, which means it becomes the responsibility of the individual property owner to DEFEND that which is theirs. You may not like guns, but criminals have no problems carrying them, or using them. If someone breaks into your home, there is a lot of commonsense in the old adage, "shoot first, and answer questions later". Just make sure you shoot to kill, and make sure the dead body is INSIDE YOUR HOUSE when the police arrive.

Harsh words, but surviving a Great Depression is not for the faint of heart. By the way, don't forget the ammo! Think I'm a bit NUTS...tell me that tomorrow when the DOW drops below 9,000 and the PANIC BEGINS! One last word of advice...don't be surprised when our government begins the process, or attempts to begin the process of taking away our guns, which will be the beginning of a dictatorship here on our American shores.

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