Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Question (or two) For Sarah Palin

A Question to Sarah Palin

Have sat here these past many days shocked as I watch the seething anger being spewed from the McCain campaign at Barrack Obama over his association with Ayars. Where is the Republican anger at Washington, at Wall Street? Where are Sarah Palin and John McCain talking about the issues, or should I say the only issue, which is the economy? Do they really think going totally negative will allow them to steal the election, or are they just that desperate? Anyway, I am veering off course here. Sarah Palin perplexes me, her words seeming to contradict her supposed Conservative Christian values.

You claim to be Christian, yet you seem to be preaching a message of hate and loathing out on the campaign trail, some even going as far as to accuse you of race baiting. So Obama has had some involvements with Ayar’s…so have some key players associated with the McCain campaign. No doubt that Ayar’s made some poor choices in his life, and perhaps is still angry. Hasn’t your oldest daughter also made some bad choices in her life so far? She is pregnant out of wedlock, a video of her smoking pot was posted up onto You tube. We were, I think falsely, led to believe she is going to marry the father, but willing to bet the farm they do not. Doesn’t the Bible say, “Let him (or her) without sin cast the first stone.” Are you without sin Sarah Palin?

If news reports and various blogs are believable, you have a penchant for seeking revenge, similar to the that same penchant in Cindy McCain. Much like George W. Bush you seem to place a great deal of weight on loyalty above all else, even if it means those in your inner circle must circumvent the law to meet your standards of loyalty, the most well know example being Troopergate. You should be cautioned, that both Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler had a similar penchant for loyalty above all else. True loyalty is telling someone they are wrong, even if it means being tossed out of the circle…how many people have you tossed out of your inner circle because you refuse, or do not want to hear the truth that you are wrong?

Let me ask you Sarah, “Are you going to be a falling star, a person that briefly raced across the evening sky only to disappear and never be seen again, or are you going to change your ways, end your hate speech and potentially be a North Star that women look to when they have lost their way. That choice is yours, and I might suggest you take a day or two away from the campaign and pray to your God for some guidance before you throw away what you have worked so hard to attain.


universityoftube said...


I couldn't agree more. She tows the line for the McCain campaign, willing to do whatever it takes, despite McCain's proven disdain for evangelicals. I'm disgutsed with them both. I thought this video provides a very creative public awareness message about her unChristian behavior.

Royce Penstinger said...

You are right....GREAT VIDEO