Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trust Question/

How can we trust either of you?

Obama...understands the frustration. Points out that McCain voted for four out of the five George Bush budgets...point scored. Obama so far seems to be putting more butter on the bread without actually SAYING MUCH.

McCain-Admits the system is broken, then claims he has always been a REFORMER...LIAR.
Brought up Joe LIEberman, then calls for bipartisanship, then trots out STUMP SPEECH line on Obama. Curious here...with 26 years in Washington, isn't John McCain guilty of cronism? Off he goes on Pork Barrel...this is a red herring...John McCain just has his cronies submit his earmarks for him in exchange for VOTING ON THEIRS!

Energy Independence is John McCain's BIG BUZZ WORD of the night!

OUCH...Hello BOOMERS...John McCain wants to CUT OUR BENEFITS after we paid for them now for almost 40 years! He just said, cut entitlements!

Energy Independence just tied into TERRORISM! There is THE FEAR CAMPAIGN.

Obama tying Oil to terrorism, doing a better job of it than McCain did. Is calling for a ten year APOLLO like program to solve energy issues.

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