Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Palin Event GETS UGLY...Her Fans Throw Racial INSULTS At Camera Man

Tune into Rick Sanchez today at 3:00 PM for this FAST BREAKING STORY just slid out onto twitter!

ricksanchezcnn at 3p, crowds getting ugly at palin events, hecklers... plus her supporters turn on reporters, yell racial slurs at black cameraman.

Remember folks...Washington Scandal called Sarah Palin a closet bigot DAYS AGO...do we finally have the PROOF OF THE PUDDING? Ask yourself...if Rick Sanchez is to be believed (and we are sure he is)Sarah Palin knows about this incident...why wasn't she INSTANTLY on the airwaves DENOUNCING THOSE who were hurling this racial insults? The woman is white trash UGLY BIGOT.

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Anonymous said...

Not that anyone reads this blog, but it seems strange the writer would be calling Palin a rascist while at the same time referring to her as "white trash." I don't know if the writer is rascist, but it seems safe to say that he/she is probably an idiot.